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Feather Does Finals - revision lectures

Dr Adam Feather, Feather does finals - revision lectures

This series of eight, three hour lectures is a Medicine for Finals revision course, aimed at Final year students coming up to their graduating exams. They are also routinely used by students in other phases of the clinical course as they cover many core medical themes.

Over 16 very happy years, this course grew from humble beginnings at the London Hospital Medical College, to its present form at Barts and the London. There are now many expensive private courses offering similar sessions but this is a unique course, delivered for free to anyone with the stamina to outlast Dr Feather.

The revision course was conceived and delivered entirely by Dr Adam Feather, Senior Lecturer in Medical Education and Honorary Consultant Physician at Newham University Hospital Trust. He has tried to keep up with modern practise but fears the volume and speed of change has finally overtaken him. So in 2009-10, he has finally admitted defeat and is retiring (not out).

Barts and the London Medical School offer these revision lectures to you for free. We would ask that you acknowledge that they are not ageless and will slowly become 'old hat' (just like their creator). However, the generic messages around caring for people (students and patients) are timeless and should always be important to the new clincian and old teacher.

I wish you the users much luck and enjoyment in your careers. Graduation marks your entry into the greatest profession in the world. Be proud of who you are, and be the best doctor you can!

Dr Adam Feather

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